The Skeleton Woman

The Skeleton Woman

In this workshop we are going The Skeleton Woman, she teach us about cycles.

Understanding that everything has it cycle, our relationships, jobs, believes. 

We learn to respect our cycles, what is new in our life, how we live it and to distinguish when is needed to be end it.

This is a body, soul and spiritual journey, where we attuned to the rhythm of our heart and we start to discover how to live our life according to that rhythm.


This is an interactive workshop were we combine different tools, like Women´s Life Coaching, Family Constellations Dynamics , Crystal Healing, Rituals and Energetic Healing Practices.


Join us:

Gisel Ramos Cuello: Life Coach, Family Constellator, Ancestrology.

Graciela Gabica: Crystal Healer Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Ancestrology.


July 29th and August 12th.


From 6:30 to 8:30 pm EDT