In this online workshop, from Woman who run with the wolves, we will explore the  choices that we made and compromises that locked our true essence.

We all at some point in our life, find ourselves tempted, blinded by the light of “a golden” opportunity, too good to miss it.   It could be in a form of a job, a relationship,  our career, a new place to live, friendship, our family.

However, sometimes, taking that opportunity leads us to  give up our essence,  sacrifice our true self and end up letting go of what makes us feel truly happy, losing the connection with  our creative passion. We start depending on others,  we stop  expressing our opinions  and feelings either  for fear to be judge or disapproved; we choose to stay in  dry relationships that makes us feel  miserable, and we become unable to take  our own decisions or prioritize our own needs. 

We realize then that the golden opportunity is our golden cage, we feel trapped, unable to escape.


  • Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship, job, career, family or your daily life?
  • Have you ever felt lost, trying to please others?
  • Have you ever felt that when something was right for you, your surroundings convinced you otherwise? 
  • Have you ever had the feeling that you are not living your life to the fullest? 
  • Have you postponed your dreams for others? Husband, children, parents,money?
  • Have you find yourself wondering, when is my turn to enjoy life ? 


 If so, then this the workshop is for you. 

In the RED SHOES tale, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, shows us how women fall prey to destructive impulses while seeking to balance their inner lives. 

This medicine tale teaches us,  we may travel life’s path in one of two ways:

1) in handmade shoes, crafted with love and care according to the unique needs of the individual soul;


2) in Red Shoes, which promise instant fulfilment, but ultimately lead to a painful, hollow “split” existence.  

By listening to your instinctive forces, she says, you can free yourself of the exterior traps that torment and destroy the soul. This is the way to construct a life that is uniquely your own—“a life made by hand.


So…. Are you living your life wearing handmade shoes or are you living the false fantasy of a shiny pair or red shoes?


This is an interactive workshop were we combine different tools, like Women´s Life Coaching, Family Constellations Dynamics , Crystal Healing, Rituals and Energetic Healing Practices.


Join us:

Gisel Ramos Cuello: Life Coach, Family Constellator, Ancestrology.

Graciela Gabica: Crystal Healer Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Ancestrology.


July 8th & 22nd

From: 6:30 to 8:30 PM - EDT


If you are unable to attend it,  don't worry, we will send you a class recording.


Crystals we will be working with:


Dragon's Blood  and Labradorite