Quantum Power 11/28  Activate your creative essence

Quantum Power 11/28 Activate your creative essence

What if every time you felt like you were spinning in circles, or stuck in a pattern that does not work, you could access what you need in that moment?

It is time to embody your Quantum Power, it is time to transform, transmute and evolve.  Change your limits beliefs, reprogram your thoughts and restore your frequencies. Your Frequency is your power.

 Do you want to be part of a High Frequency intentional workshop?

Join Gisel Ramos Cuello and me, Graciela Gabica,  in this transformative workshop; we have put together a special set of tools for you to dive into your creative essence. 

Receive an energetic upgrade through specific light frequencies, active meditations and crystals. See how your mind, body and daily reality transforms.  Stop waiting for your story to change, take control of your story, love yourself and let us play and co-create together.

Are you ready to connect with your infinite creative essence?



Saturday, November 28, 2020 -  ONLINE

12 pm to 4 pm

Energy exchange: $111


Module 1

Introduction to Quantum Power

Light frequency Activation

Energetic Centers Portals

Crystals and Light frequency


Module 2

Become the architect of your reality

Create your day/night Activation

Cutting energetic ties

Activate Cellular Memory

Co-Creating for life


Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Rutilated Quartz or Citrine and Clear Quartz.

(If you are missing any of the crystals, don’t worry, you will benefit from light frequencies activations)

After the workshop, you will receive a comprehensive guide in a PDF format.

A guided Activation MP3

Plus, the recording of the workshop.

Registration closed on November 27.


Many Blessings,






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