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Pendulum Healing Certification Program

Pendulum Healing Certification Program

Pendulum Healing Program


Pendulum Healing is a way to use a pendulum to transform energy or for healing and making intentional energetic changes. 


Pendulums can be used for internal transformation, spiritual development and energy healing.


In this program we work with Assestment Charts and a Pendulum. You can diagnose imbalance in the energy system of the body, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

You can repair your Aura, clean a space, and find the cause of imbalance and more.


The Assessments charts can be used in many different levels:


First on the physical level, the charts can be used to find what issues we might have and the causes.


Second, the charts can help us when we are out of balance, mentally or emotionally. The charts can point us in the right direction as to what forms of self care would be best to regain equilibrium, and when we become sick we can use the charts to find the best treatment would be best for us.


Third, we utilize the Pendulum to remove, repair, send healing energy and irradiate high healing frequency.


The Pendulum is an energy amplifier and as such is powerful combined with other modalities, such as color therapy, crystal healing, reiki, crystal reiki, flower essence, etc.





In this program, you will learn:


  • What a pendulum is and its history
  • Karnak (Egyptian) Pendulum Healing Properties
  • Programing your pendulum
  • Learn what to do to optimize your results
  • Uncover how pendulums are been used for spiritual, emotional, physical healing.
  • Distance Healing, remote healing.
  • Effectively removing low frequency energies like parasite, etc. from your Aura
  •  Repairing and balancing your Aura Field.
  • Clearing energetic space, home, office, objects, food, etc.
  • Removing Spells, Evil Eye, Magic, Curses, Cords, Geophatic stress.
  • Working with Assessments Charts: Conditions/Causes/Compatibility/Nutrition/Treatment Charts, etc.
  • Sending vibrational healing to self or others.
  • Radiate high vibrational frequencies for healing, self, and others, animals.
  • Maximize:  Crystal therapies, Crystal Reiki, Color therapies, Flower essence, water, vitamins, gem elixirs, etc..  


What do you need?


A Wood  Karnak Pendulum 

Printed Charts 

Black Pen and Paper




March 10 - 17 - 24 and 31, 2023 

From 7:30 to 9 pm.


You will receive a Manual, Charts and the recorded class.

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