Our Father the doorway to a successful life

Our Father the doorway to a successful life

Our Father is our immediate connection to the outer world.  


Dad is action, determination, self-confidence, will power and recognition. The force we receive from him governs our relationship with our profession, our studies, the course we take, and our actions.


Therefore, when we have trouble recognizing our worth, or struggling to empower ourselves to assume the reins of our life toward success, it is time to “reconcile with Dad”. 


The healing process begins when, in spite of the wounds, our desire to heal is stronger than the heavy life story we carry on our shoulders and heart. .  Whether he is alive or not, whether we have met him or not, as far as we acknowledge him, we let our  soul converse with his soul.


If you are having issues in the following areas:


  • Are you struggling to manifest your projects?
  • Are you lacking the strength to navigate the difficulties that come your way?
  • Are you afraid of making decisions? Are you always procrastinating?
  • Are you lacking self-esteem, or feeling unworthy?
  • Do you feel unsupported and alone?
  • Are you constantly choosing the wrong partner?
  • Are you feeling emptiness, and existential void inside?


This program is for you.

Join us: Gisel Ramos Cuello, Family Constellations Facilitator, NLP Coach, Ontologic Coach and Graciela Gabica, Crystal Healer Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Crystagenealogy.


In this program, we will be exploring the following through Family Constellations dynamics, Crystal Healing and other transformational tools:


  • Recognizing the importance of our Father in our life
  • Understanding why the relationship with Father affects all other relationships.
  • Open ourselves to the possibility of seeing our parents through a different, softer, and wider gaze.
  • Healing our relationship with our father/men/life partners.
  • Balance our Feminine and Masculine energy that we receive from our lineage.
  • Gaining more clarity, focus, determination and creative strength
  • Achieving goals and completing projects
  • Taking responsibility for our own wellness
  • Change old unconscious emotional reactive patterns
  • Learn all about why crystals are a great tool to heal your father's wounds - and learn practical tools for working with crystals to heal yourself. 


You are going to need:

Pen and Paper

1 Citrine

1 Tiger Eye or Pyrite

1 Rose Quartz 

1 Aquamarine


This is a two parts ONLINE workshop

Friday, April  9, 2021

Friday, April 16, 2021

From 7 to 8:30 PM Eastern Time

Register by April 8.