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Finding your Life Path- Base on Numerology, Crystals and Chakras

Finding your Life Path- Base on Numerology, Crystals and Chakras

We are born with a Life Path that is encoded in our date of birth.

That life path is what we want to achieve in your lifetime, your life purpose, innate gifts and talents.  Sometimes this is block by our own insecurities, shadows and by our environment.


Finding your Life Path allow you to uncover your attributes, inner power, ambitions, strengths, lessons to learn and master.


Each Life Path number correlates with a crystal that perfectly resonates with the energy of that number. Working with the crystals that resonate with your life path, strengths and empower your ability to overcome the obstacles that will present in your personal journey.


Chakras also resonates with your Life Path Number, combining the crystal frequency and the numerological vibration of your Life Path Number offers a wonderful possibility to find your own way, recognize your true self, heal, and harmonize with the world around you.


Let’s Ignite our Life Path!


 1 - Finding your Life Path Number

2 - Qualities of your Personal Life Path Number

3 - Shadows of your Personal Life Path Number

4 - Crystals to potential and balance your Life Path Number.

5 - Chakras connected with your Life Path Number.

6 - Create your Personal tools to unleash your full potential.


Date: Wensday, July 21st.

Time: 2 to 3:30 PM

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