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Decoding the Family Tree

Decoding the Family Tree

Have you had the feeling that you are not in control of the events of your life? Why are you repeating certain behaviours?  What kind of influence have my ancestors in life?

  When we learn about our “Clan”, each detail becomes significant.  The moments of joy and times of suffering, career choices, family names, first names, the dates of conception, birth, marriage, death, miscarriages, abortions, repetitive patterns, and all these elements are precious indicators of the links and resonances between the past and present.


The process of decoding the messages left in the past continues to fascinate me, I have learn so much about myself through this process, that’s why I put together a  new workshop:  Decoding the Family Tree.

 We will analyze those dates, we will learn about the pragmatic approach that Dr.  Sellam brought into psycho-genealogy, his work on the interaction of monthly trans-generational axis, the comparison of dates allow rapid decoding with stupefying clarity.

We will explore the many available tools, like the Jorodowsky approach, to clean, liberate, and transform and transmute the fears or beliefs that do not belong to us.

If you do not have any information about your Family of origin, do not worry, when we start the process of decoding the Family Tree “clan”, we open a quantum field and information flow to us.




Family Tree – Decoding the Tree


Module 1 

-        Introduction

-        Method Salomon Sellam

-        Dates and their meaning

-        Affinities and Doubles

-        Repeating or repairing

-        Patterns, limiting belief

-        Ways to get the information

-        Crystals to connect with our Ancestors



Module 2

-        Master Lines

-        Oedipus-Electra complex

-        Symbolic Twins

-        Symbolic Incest

-        Mirror trees

-        Reprograming belief



Module 3

-        The Ghost

-        Universal Inheritor

-        How to create your Family Tree

-        Nomenclature

-        Ending Contracts



Module 4

-        Psych genealogy

-        Jodorowsky Method

-        Rectangular Diagram

-        Symbolic acts

-        Cutting toxic cords

-        Shamanic ritual


Crystals for the workshop:

-        Clear Quartz

-        Celestite, Angelite or Blue Kyanite

-        Rose Quartz or Mangano Calcite

-        Pen and Paper


Online Classes – Zoom

Dates and time:

To Be Announce

Investment: $ 111.-

If you cannot attend the Online class, you will be send the recording after the class is held and we will arrange a half hour meeting to answer any question regarding the material of that class.


You will receive:

Recorded Class Video

PDF Material

Sites to find information about your Family Tree




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