Crystal Reiki Certificate


Crystal Reiki is a Natural Therapy that uses its own set of symbols, in combination with healing frequency of crystals. It is different that Usui Reiki, however it utilize attunements and healing symbols. You will learn multiple ways to utilize these symbols as layouts for placing on the body as well as how to program energetically-aligned stones with each of the symbols for an alternative approach. You will also learn to use these symbols with the aligned stones for a laying-on-of-hands approach to Crystal Reiki Healing.


The Crystal Reiki Master attunements will amplify the power of your natural ability to work with crystals in a healing capacity. This attunement course will begin with a brief section on ethics.


Class 1 – Level 1

In this Class you will learn grounding and centering techniques that will help you to prepare yourself to receive the Crystal Reiki symbols and become a channel for healing energy.

In this class you will receive the first 5 Crystal Reiki Symbols:

1. Life Cycle Energy Crystal Layout Symbol

2. Kundalini Crystal Layout Symbol

3. Spinal Energy Layout

4. Grounding Layout Symbol

5. Centering Layout Symbol

You will be given the Reiki flow Crystal Healing Symbol to clean and program your crystals.


Class 2 – Level 2

The second Attunement focus is to your inner connection with the Earth energy and how everything is connected. This attunement is base in your compassion and oneness with all that is.

In this class you will receive the second 5 Crystal Reiki Healing Symbols:

1. Healing Energy Layout Symbol

2. Internal Healing Layout Symbol

3. External Physical Body Layout Symbol

4. Spiritual Energy Symbol Layout

5. Seven-pointed Start Layout Symbol

You will also learn how to perform Crystal Reiki treatments for self-healing.



Class 3 – Level 3

The third Attunement focus is your connection with the Universe energy, allowing you to experience Cosmic Consciousness. You will realize that you are one with the Universe.

In this class you will receive the third 5 Crystal Reiki Healing Symbols

1. Positive Energy Layout Symbol

2. Divine Feminine Layout Symbol

3. Divine Masculine Layout Symbol

4. Divine Within Layout Symbol

5. Doorway Between Worlds Layout Symbol

Class 4

In this class you will learn how to perform a Crystal Reiki Chakra Balance.

1. Crystals to Balance 7 chakras

2. Crystal Reiki Symbols for each Chakra

3. Placement of crystals

4. How to perform a Crystal Reiki Chakra Balance

5. On Class Practice

6. Q&A

7. Quiz



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