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Crystal Expert Certification - Level 1 & 2

The Crystal Expert Certification program is a comprehensive, hands on, fun way to learn and experience the crystals energy to improve your everyday life.

The course is divided in 4 classes of 90 minutes each Thursday from 7 to 8:30.

The Value of the course: $100 with the option of paying by week $30 each class.



Introduction to Crystals

* What is a crystal and how they form

* History of Crystal Healing

* How Crystals work

* Crystals Structures

* How select a Crystal

* How to Cleanse, Charge

* How to connect with your Crystal

* Chakras and Crystals



Crystal Properties

* 10 must have Crystals

* Crystals properties

* Crystal Set

* How to create your own set



Crystal Grids

* What it’s a Crystal Grid

* Sacred Geometry

* How to create and activate a crystal grid

* Crystal Grids for different purpose



Gem Water

* What is Gem Waters

* Masuro Emoto

* Toxic vs. not toxic Crystals

* How to create Gem Waters

* Crystal Rituals