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Crystal Energy Healing Certification THREE MONTH PROGRAM

Crystal Energy Healing Certification 3 month program

This Crystal Energy Healing Program its designed to give you the knowledge and skills to become

a successful, confident and professional Crystal Energy Healer.


You will learn about Crystal Healing through hands-on activity modules, from sensing energy to performing a full Crystal Energy Healing session.


To register for this program you have to have completed the Crystal Expert Certification Program or similar knowledge.

The course will include theory, demonstration, practice and home work.

You will require complete a test and 2 case studies to get your certification.



Week 1- Sensing Energy/Aura/ Pendulum


Week 2- Protection/Cleansing


Week 3- In Class Practice


Week 4- Chakra System/Intro to 12 Chakra System


Week 5- Step by Step Chakra Balancing


Week 6- In Class Practice


Week 7- Distance Healing


Week 8- Intro to Body Lay Out


Week 9- In Class Practice


Week 10- Body Lay Out for: Anxiety/Anger/Balance



Week 11- Body Lay Out for: Prosperity/Love/Fertility


Week 12- In Class Practice– Test