Crystal Chakra Balance Certification

Crystal Chakra Balance Certification

Crystal Chakra Balance Certification is a program created to learn, in comprehensive and hands on way, how the frequency of crystals interact with the frequency of our chakras system to bring positive changes in body, mind and emotions.

The program is divided in 4 Classes of 90 minutes each.

Each Class is design for in class practices, this will give you the confidence to provide a successful Crystal Chakra Balance

Class 1

* What is a Chakra?

* Chakra System, how it works?

* Balance Vs. Unbalance

* How crystals balance our Chakras?

Class 2

* Clearing energies

* How to test Chakra’s energy

* Crystal Placement

* Choosing the right Crystal

* Customizing a Chakra Balance

* In class Practice

Class 3

* Preparing for a Crystal Chakra Balance Session

* Forms, Code of Conduct

* How to run a Crystal Chakra Balance Step by Step

* In class practice

Class 4

* Performing a Complete Crystal Chakra Balance

* In Class Practice

* Quiz



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