Changing your relationship with Money

Changing your relationship with Money

Are you ready to Change your relationship with Money?
In this workshop we will explore the hidden connection between Ancestral Patterns and the blocks in the flow of money and abundance into your life.


Why Ancestral Healing?


There are couple of reasons why you will benefit from spending time accessing and healing your ancestral patterns.

- Gain insight into yourself and the innate patterns that are part of your life.

- Resolve any family karma, freeing yourself and future generations.Heal specific conditions that stem your forebears.


When we look at the ancestral web of energy that feeds into and informs and influences your own energy system, money is one of the energies that is involved with this.


When we gain awareness of our Ancestral money Patterns, we have the opportunity to change our unproductive money habits and beliefs.


Ancestral work around money can assist you by helping to take away some of the fear that may be lineage-based, helping to shift some of the blocks that might be lineage-based, that might contribute to it feeling overwhelming, or that contribute to you feeling like money is something that is bigger than you can manage, or that you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around it.


Workshop: Changing your relationship with Money.


- Investigate Your Own Feelings Around MoneyWhat are your own money shadows?

- Tracking Ancestral Money PatternsHealing emotions around Money

- Transforming Old patternsCleanse negative Ancestral patterns and replace them with Positive ones

- Connecting with your successful Ancestors

- Working with your successful Ancestors in your everyday lifeLiving your own Money Life

We will be sharing simple and powerful ways to free and heal yourself of any negative Ancestral patterns.

Join us Online, Thursday August 27, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.
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